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    Foot or ankle pain can knock you out of the game and off your feet. The pain limits your mobility, stopping you from participating in the activities you love the most. But there’s a remedy at hand: a cortisone injection in your foot. Cortisone is an anti-inflammatory medicine that relieves your pain. When administered by the most trusted and respected pain specialists in NYC at pain management New York City, a cortisone injection for your foot pain provides fast, effective relief.

    As weight-bearing joints, your feet and ankles are vulnerable to injuries and inflammatory conditions. Chronic ankle and foot pain can keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle. New York pain center specializes in treating painful, inflammatory disorders of your feet and ankles. Offering the latest pain diagnostic techniques and treatments, your Manhattan pain management doctors can get to the bottom of your foot pain and address the cause.

    Diagnostic and therapeutic foot injections are effective treatment methods to relieve chronic pain and sooth the inflammation that commonly causes foot pain. It’s a minimally invasive, non-surgical technique with a fast recovery time. And it can reduce foot and ankle pain almost immediately. Your injury doctor specializes in delivering corticosteroid injections in your foot and ankle with skill and care.

    Are You a Candidate for Steroid Foot Injections?

    Foot Injections (cortisone, steroid) NYC
    Foot Injections (cortisone, steroid) NYC
    A steroid injection is a viable option for pain that doesn’t resolve through more conservative treatment methodologies, such as physical therapy or over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs. A steroid injection in your foot eliminates your pain, no matter what’s causing it. A joint injection of cortisone may be the answer for a myriad of inflammatory conditions, such as:

    A cortisone injection in your foot or ankle is a temporary solution. The medicine injected eventually wears off, although it may last anywhere between six weeks and four months. In the meantime, you can live pain-free and take steps to resolve your condition through physical therapy or other treatments recommended by your top-rated pain doctor in New York.

    What Conditions Can Steroid Injections Treat

    Two Types of Foot Injections

    When you visit Pain Management NYC, the pain doctor in Manhattan has to determine the source of your pain. To reach an accurate diagnosis, he may give you a diagnostic foot injection. A diagnostic injection often clarifies what’s causing your foot or ankle pain. If the injection stops your pain, the doctor has found the source. Relying on the most advanced diagnostic equipment, your pain management doctor determines a correct diagnosis and creates a plan to address your pain.

    A therapeutic foot injection is a minimally-invasive, non-surgical technique to reduce the swelling, stiffness and pain in your foot or ankle. A therapeutic foot injection contains two types of medication: a local anesthetic to provide instant pain relief and a corticosteroid that delivers anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medicine directly where it’s needed. A therapeutic injection at Pain Management NYC takes only minutes to perform and has minimal recovery time.

    What to Expect from a Corticosteroid Injection in Your Foot

    A steroid foot injection reduces swelling and inflammation of the muscles, ligaments and tendons within your foot joint. Generally, less inflammation decreases your pain. A foot injection is an outpatient procedure done right in your pain doctor’s office. It takes at least 30 minutes in total, including any time needed for monitoring. You can walk out and resume your normal routine.

    Cortisone is a powerful anti-inflammatory. After your steroid foot injection, you’ll feel relief from your pain immediately or within 48 hours. Your particular case depends on many factors, such as your age and underlying condition. Steroid injections in your foot or ankle are safe and proven pain treatments. Side effects tend to be rare and minor, and they’re minimized in the trusted hands of the experts at Pain Management NYC.

    Recovery and Post-Injection Care

    Avoid strenuous activity involving the injection site for at least 48 hours. You may have a flare-up or an increase in pain post-injection around that time. This is normal and temporary. You can treat this post-injection pain with over-the-counter painkillers and ice. Cortisone flare-ups are the most common reaction to a steroid injection in your foot. It subsides when the cortisone begins working. If you experience increased pain or other worrisome side effects, call your pain doctor. Emergency appointments are available.

    Receiving a foot injection from the best pain specialists in NYC gives you back your freedom to return to an active lifestyle. It eliminates or reduces chronic foot pain. Don’t trust your pain to anyone else. Book your appointment today to get out of pain fast.

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