If you suffer from chronic pain and opt for minimally invasive treatment, a nerve block injection may be your answer. It stops the pain when administered properly by the team at Pain Management NYC, where top pain doctors have access to the latest technology for pain control. Your doctor may use a nerve block injection as a diagnostic aid as well to confirm a diagnosis. The best care is available today in Manhattan at Pain Management near me. Don’t wait!

A nerve block injection, administered by the sure hands of the top back pain specialist in Midtown Manhattan, can deaden your pain as soon as it’s injected. That reaction is due to a local anesthetic that’s contained in the injection, which starts working as soon as your pain doctor injects the medicine in the area where your pain originates.

Before giving you the nerve block injection, your doctor has to be reasonably sure the targeted area is where your pain is coming from. That determination is not as easy as you may suppose, since pain in your body has a tendency to radiate to other areas. Leg or foot pain, for example, may originate in your lower back or your pelvis.

Who Needs a Nerve Block Injection?

Chronic pain sufferers represent the largest group to benefit from nerve blocks, but you can benefit if:

Finding the Source of Your Pain

An accomplished pain specialist must make an accurate diagnosis before any treatment begins. NYC Pain Management clinic offers the most advanced diagnostic equipment available in the U.S. At your consultation, you’re given a full physical exam while the doctor asks questions about your medical and family history. To pinpoint the problem, imaging tests are employed, such as:

  • X-rays
  • An MRI
  • Ultrasound scans

In fact, your doctor may want to confirm his findings by giving you a diagnostic nerve block injection. This procedure can be accomplished on any part of your body, from your spine to your extremities. The injection of local anesthetic around a specific nerve eliminates the pain that nerve is transmitting — but only if that particular nerve is the one sending the pain signals. No pain reduction means the nerve is not the source.

Types of Nerve Block Injections

Whether for diagnostic purposes or for interventional pain management, nerve blocks have proven to be effective. Between the purpose of your injection, its location and the medications involved, your pain management doctor in New York has a variety of nerve blocking shots, including:

  • Occipital nerve blocks. An injection above your neck, in the back of your head, can stop migraine headaches, chronic tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches and occipital neuralgia, among other types of headache pain.
  • Sympathetic nerve blocks. Sometimes, chronic pain symptoms can’t be diagnosed. That’s when a sympathetic block is appropriate. It can treat many chronic pain symptoms, such as herpes pain, shingles, Raynaud’s syndrome, causalgia, sympathetic dystrophy and more.
  • Suprascapular nerve blocks. Supra means above, and the scapula is your shoulder blade. For chronic shoulder pain, the suprascapular nerve block effectively eliminates your pain. With it, your doctor can block the pain of a rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder and shoulder arthritis.
  • Intercostal nerve blocks. You have intercostal nerves that run underneath each of your ribs. When they become inflamed, you feel the pain. Your doctor injects the intercostal nerve block under the rib to stop the pain. These injections contain a steroid medicine to help heal the inflammation. An intercostal nerve block can also be used for diagnostic testing.
  • Iliohypogastric nerve block. The iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves originate in your lumbar spine and run through the pelvis to your inner thigh and groin. The iliohypogastric nerve block stops these nerves from transmitting pain signals to your brain when you’re suffering from pain in your hips, abdomen or legs.

There are other pain-blocking injections, but these are the more common ones. The doctors at Pain Management NYC practice interventional medicine with regenerative treatment options. That means they treat your pain, but focus on healing you as well.

The Nerve Block Injection Procedure

Doctors at the best pain clinic in New York have two ways to successfully treat your chronic pain with nerve block injections. The first and most recommended is a simple hypodermic injection. If the medicine needs to go anywhere near your spine, fluoroscopy gives your doctor real-time x-rays that guide the needle to the correct spot.

Another option is inserting a catheter to that spot to provide small doses of medicine continually over time. This model is the basis behind a surgically implanted intrathecal pump. Manual options are available if you remain in a clinical setting, as painkilling medicine usually lasts three to 24 hours.

When administered properly by the experienced hands of the best pain management specialists, you’ll leave the office without the pain you had when you entered. You won’t have any side effects or consequences because the expert pain doctor sees to every detail. When you’re ready to leave your pain behind, contact us for the best care.

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