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    Nothing stops you in your tracks like knee pain. And when that discomfort worsens over time or disrupts your daily routines, you need to be able to find the best treatment available. In New York, visit the top pain management doctors at Pain Management NYC for a quick, accurate diagnosis and appropriate pain control while you undergo treatment. Knee bursitis doesn’t have to keep you down when you rely on the experience of top-rated pain doctors.

    When one or more of the bursae near your knee joint becomes inflamed or irritated, you may have a condition called knee bursitis. A bursa is a sac that contains a small amount of fluid, which reduces friction between muscles, tendons and bones near and surrounding your joints. When irritated, bursae cause pain whenever you move the joint.

    This condition causes swelling, pain or limited mobility of your knee joint. If moving your knee is difficult or painful, visit a top pain management doctor in NYC so he can examine it and evaluate your symptoms. At our pain treatment center, you’re able to obtain the best bursitis knee treatment. Nationally recognized pain doctors have access to the most advanced diagnostic equipment to accurately pinpoint the source of your pain, which they can then treat with the latest techniques.

    Symptoms of Knee Bursitis

    Knee Bursitis Treatment in NYCKnee bursitis usually develops gradually, unless it’s brought on by a sudden blow to the knee. The affected portion of your knee may appear red, swollen and warm to the touch. Your pain worsens if you put pressure on the joint, such as when you attempt a physically demanding activity. This condition usually doesn’t cause discomfort at night or when you’re at rest.

    Inflammation of the bursa in your knee can affect any part of your knee. It commonly occurs over your kneecap, which is known as prepatellar bursitis. Another commonly affected area is the inner side of your knee, below the joint. If the bursae become infected with bacteria, you may experience fever and chills. This is known as septic bursitis.

    Don’t wait to seek treatment. At the first sign of knee pain, search for chronic pain management doctors near you to avoid serious complications. Knee pain rarely goes away on its own.

    What Causes Knee Bursitis?

    The most common causes of knee bursitis are overuse or injury. Other causes of bursitis include:

    Knee bursitis is sometimes caused by lack of stretching before exercise. Insect bites, scrapes, puncture wounds or any injury that breaks the skin may allow bacteria inside your bursae and cause an infection.

    Risk Factors for Knee Bursitis

    The risk of developing knee bursitis increases if you work at an occupation that requires prolonged kneeling. Carpet layers, gardeners and plumbers are all examples. Athletic competitions that require you to fall on your knees or receive blows to your knees may increase your risk of developing this painful condition. Sports that fall in this category include football and wrestling.

    Being overweight or obese increases your risk of having knee problems, including bursitis. Your knees play such an important role in your everyday activities — even if you’re not an athlete — that any extra pressure on them can lead to discomfort and eventual complications like bursitis. If you have conditions such as gout or arthritis, you’re at a higher risk of developing knee bursitis.

    Treatment for Knee Bursitis

    Knee bursitis treatment starts with reducing or avoiding any activity that worsens your symptoms. Elevating your knee and applying ice packs at regular intervals also help alleviate your pain. Top pain management doctors in Manhattan may recommend physical therapy to improve your strength, flexibility, and range of motion.

    Your New York pain management doctor also may recommend treatments such as:

    Whenever you have knee pain or swelling that affects your daily activities, see an expert in the field of pain management. To find out the best bursitis knee treatment for you, contact the best knee pain management doctors at Pain Management NYC.

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