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    Back pain stops you from enjoying your life. You can’t participate in your favorite activities when you can’t move freely. Disc problems, such as degenerative disc disease, may be the cause of this pain. Instead of invasive surgery, the best back pain specialist in Manhattan may recommend a Discseel procedure. Using a fine needle and guided by fluoroscopy, a top pain doctor in NYC injects a natural substance into your damaged disc to heal it from the inside. It takes time to fully work, but it’s a natural alternative to surgery. Call for an appointment today.

    What Is the Discseel Procedure?

    Torn leaky discsThe Discseel procedure is an evidence-based, minimally invasive procedure to treat damaged spinal discs. This spinal treatment is an alternative to delicate spinal surgery, and it offers better results for back pain relief. Since every spinal disease or injury is potentially debilitating, don’t wait to seek treatment.

    During the Discseel procedure, your NYC pain management doctor injects fibrin, a biologic that’s 100 percent natural, into your injured disc to repair it. A biologic is a type of medicine based on naturally-occurring proteins already in your body. This safe treatment puts those proteins where they’re needed most.

    Whether you’re suffering from upper back pain, middle back pain or lower back pain, ask your doctor about the revolutionary Discseel procedure. At Pain Management NYC, pain management doctors have expertise in this advanced spinal treatment. Their approach to pain treatment includes the Discseel procedure and many other techniques.

    The leaders in pain management across the country have called this Discseel procedure a “disruptive technology,” with enough importance to change the spine diagnosis and treatment paradigm.

    Who’s a Candidate for the Discseel Procedure?

    Spinal disc damage can lead to chronic back pain, which adversely affects your quality of life. Damage to your spinal discs can occur from a variety of spinal injuries or medical conditions. If you’re suffering from back pain, a top pain management doctor in NYC may recommend the Discseel procedure after a consultation.

    You may be a good candidate for this process if:

    To determine whether the Discseel procedure is right for you, visit a pain management doctor at Pain Management NYC. After a physical exam and possibly some diagnostic imaging tests, your doctor reaches a diagnosis, which is the only way to determine if a damaged disc is causing your pain.

    How Can the Discseel Procedure Help?

    The Discseel procedure is an alternative to the more common treatments for spinal disc issues, such as surgery or steroid injections. If you’ve tried multiple procedures to deal with your back pain without success, it’s time to talk to a top pain doctor in NYC about this procedure.

    The advantages of the Discseel procedure include:

    You may think surgery is your only option if you’re experiencing severe back pain, but that’s no longer the case. The best pain management doctors in NYC have embraced this advanced spinal treatment with incredible results. Whatever the cause of your spinal disc problem, the Discseel procedure can deliver long-term pain relief.

    Research shows that 70% of patients who are treated with the Discseel® Procedure report they get better regarding pain, function, and quality of life. It’s important to note that of that 70%, most are patients who have failed almost all prior treatments and surgeries.

    Discseel procedure is minimally invasive and lasts 30 minutes. It is usually performed under sedation and patient can go home within 40 minutes. Normal activities are gradually resumed within 24 hours.

    How Does Discseel Work?

    Fibrin is the compound at the heart of the Discseel procedure. This 100 percent natural compound is normally found in human blood. The spinal treatment takes place at your pain management doctor’s office and lasts about 40 minutes. There’s no need for hospitalization or general anesthesia. Your doctor uses mild sedation to help you relax and to avoid discomfort.

    The Discseel spinal treatment procedure follows a series of steps, including:

    1. At your New York City pain management practice, a top back pain specialist reviews your medical history and conducts a physical exam to determine if you’re a good candidate for the Discseel procedure. You can use the time to ask questions about the procedure so you learn what to expect.
    2. Your doctor asks you to undergo an annulogram, which is a specialized form of x-ray. This diagnostic imaging test helps your physician assess the condition of the damaged disc in your spine.
    3. Discseel procedure. After confirming the damage to your disc, your pain specialist injects the fibrin mixture into the injured disc, using fluoroscopy to guide the needle for a precise injection.
    4. The fibrin works by sealing the tear in your disc, which prevents any further leaks. The procedure also promotes healing by stimulating the disc tissue to grow, especially for a degenerated spinal disc.
    5. There’s minimal downtime from the Discseel procedure. After the injection, your doctor observes you for about 30 minutes for any allergic reaction or other complications. You can then go home to slowly resume your normal activities. Pain relief starts gradually, but you can expect the full effects of the injection within three to six months, when the disc has healed fully.

    The best NYC pain management doctors have the option of using this natural procedure if you don’t want to go ahead with surgery. The Discseel procedure even works after a failed spinal procedure or if you’re still in pain after a spinal surgery.

    A Non Surgical Lumbar And Cervical Spine Procedure

    Degenerative disc disease is a common cause of low back and neck pain, with approximately 62% to 84% during people’s lifetime. The treatment of the neck and low back degenerative disc disease always starts with physical therapy, medications followed by injections. The next treatment step for those who fail conservative therapy has been a surgical intervention- spinal fusion.

    The spinal fusion reduces pain by eliminating motion at the affected segment. Understandably, the mechanics of the spine are changed, which in turn increases stress on neighboring spinal segments. Complications of fusion are severe and include failure to fuse/instability, hardware-related issues (breakage, local pain), increased adjacent segment degeneration.

    As many as one third of post-fusion patients continue to experience symptoms, often leading to repeated operations. Most of these patients are worse than they were before the surgery. In many cases the pain is attributed to torn and leaky discs. Fluid leakage from the discs causes inflammation of nerves that in turn will result in radiculopathy, also known as sciatica.

    Logically, putting a seal on leaky discs would stop the inflammation, and would improve symptoms. Sealing discs “treats the cause, instead of the effect.”

    What’s the Cost of Discseel Procedure?

    The top pain management doctor in NYC can’t estimate the cost of your Discseel procedure until after a thorough evaluation, including diagnostic imaging tests. The procedure costs much less than a spinal fusion or a similar surgery. In fact, it may be a quarter of the cost of surgery. Keep in mind, however, that most insurance providers don’t cover this procedure.

    If you’ve been suffering with back or neck pain, stop procrastinating. You may not need surgery with the Discseel procedure. Contact the best back pain specialists in Manhattan at Pain Management NYC. These pain doctors have helped many others struggling with back pain enjoy a pain-free life.

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