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    Your wrists are small joints that you can’t manage without. Think of everything you’re able to do with healthy wrists! Now imagine what life would be like if you felt pain every time you moved your wrist. For many ailments and injuries, a cortisone wrist injection relieves the pain and swelling fast. And the best place to get a wrist injection is at the top pain clinic in Manhattan. Make an appointment with the pain specialists at pain management New York City for fast, reliable and comfortable care.

    Your wrist is a joint that’s a lot more complex than you may have ever realized. Not only does it have to rotate 360 degrees, but it also houses and protects the structures and nerves that move your hand. There are a considerable number of muscles, tendons and ligaments squeezed into a surprisingly narrow passage. And it all has to work seamlessly to work at all.

    Daily use of your hands applies considerable stress to your wrists. The medical conditions that result from overuse and injury are remarkably common in wrists. Cortisone wrist injections have been in use for decades. And despite the many advances in modern medicine, they remain the fastest and most effective form of relief.

    Wrist Injury and Conditions

    Since your wrist plays such a major role in making your hand movement possible, a large number of problems can arise, such as:

    All of these conditions can result in significant pain and discomfort. Carpal tunnel syndrome especially has become increasingly more common with the arrival of the modern keyboard. Typing and texting have drastically increased the amount of pressure on your median nerve that runs through the narrow confines at the base of your hand. Just the slightest inflammation squeezes this nerve to the point of pain and discomfort.

    Most conditions that affect your wrist are uncomfortable, but they also directly affect your function and range of motion. Minor cases are treatable with rest and immobilization using wraps or splints. But most people aren’t able to take the time out from their demanding jobs and busy lives for this to be a feasible solution. That’s another reason wrist injections are so popular for treating wrist pain.

    Cortisone Injection in the Wrist

    Wrist Injection in NYC
    Wrist Injection in NYC
    A wrist cortisone injection has remained a popular treatment due to the instant relief it provides. Cortisone is a specific type of corticosteroid that your body recognizes as a natural hormone it produces called cortisol. An anti-inflammatory, cortisone reduces any swelling in your wrist as it relieves your pain.

    This steroid drug isn’t the same as the type used illegally by athletes. Cortisone focuses on inflammation. And when this hormone-mimicking substance is combined with a local anesthetic, you feel pain relief almost immediately when you receive an injection. Meanwhile, the steroid medication begins working on your underlying inflammation.

    The Wrist injection Procedure

    Pain relief center New York, the best pain clinic in Manhattan, provides a comfortable setting, the latest medical equipment and techniques and the pain doctors in New York. Your cortisone wrist injection begins with a full physical exam and evaluation of your medical history. You only receive treatment after your specialist confirms his diagnosis.

    Once your best pain management doctor NYC recommends an injection for your wrist, he has to determine the most effective spot for your injection. Your skin is cleansed and disinfected. If your case is complicated, your physician may decide to use x-ray imagery to safely guide the needle where it’s most beneficial. The injection itself is mostly painless, but you may get some topical anesthetic is you need it.

    What to Expect from Your Cortisone Wrist Injection

    After your injection is complete, your pain should dissipate. But your wrist pain may return to full strength when the local anesthetic wears off. This is normal, as anti-inflammatory properties of the corticosteroid medication may take several days to begin working. In the meantime, you can take over-the-counter painkillers to dull the pain.

    Pain relief begins once the cortisone has a chance to ease your swelling. The pain-relieving effects of the injection can last anywhere from six weeks to two months. You can have another wrist injection after six weeks, but you can only get three per year. Any cortisone injection in the wrist side effects and risks are minimized by having your injection administered by the experts at Pain Management NYC.

    Work with the top pain clinic in Manhattan to receive the best care and the fastest results. Contact the team at Pain Management NYC to set up your consultation. Say goodbye to wrist pain.

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