Your shoulders are actually fragile joints. Because they’re so open and flexible, your shoulders are susceptible to a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. Common shoulder injuries can hurt anyone; you’re especially at risk if you do frequent and repetitive movements with your arms and shoulders. If you hurt your shoulder, seek an injury clinic near you for immediate attention. Untreated, it can get a lot worse. So if you hurt your shoulder, call the injury doctors at pain management in New York.

Shoulder injuries are common complaints at the best pain clinic in New York. Your shoulder is a complicated, open joint that provides the greatest range of motion of any joint in your body. Where other large joints resemble a ball in a socket made of bone and cartilage, your shoulder is held together with soft tissue to allow for the greater flexibility.

Your shoulder joint plays a part in nearly every way your arm moves. But you may not appreciate the many ways you use your shoulder until after you’ve injured it. Since your shoulder consists of so many individual components that must work together, it’s often described as a “team joint.” And no team is stronger than its weakest player.

Types of Shoulder Trouble

The versatility and full range of motion your shoulder provides is what makes it so vulnerable to a wide variety of injuries. Take the time to schedule an appointment with a top-rated pain clinic in Manhattan like NYC pain and injury clinic at the first twinge of pain in your shoulder. Common shoulder injuries include:

These injuries and medical conditions can be the result of several contributing factors:

  • The impact of a fall
  • Damage incurred to your shoulder socket, collar bone or arm bone
  • Cartilage degeneration or damage
  • Issues with blood vessels or nerves
  • Trouble with your ligaments, tendons or muscles
  • Arthritis

Never Put Off Today…

If you delay treatment for a shoulder injury, your decision can result in an additional or more serious injury to your shoulder in the future. Your best shoulder injury specialists in NYC are qualified to diagnose and treat the source of your discomfort while working to heal your injury. Types of shoulder injuries include:

  • Shoulder instability. You may have shoulder instability if you’ve injured the connection of the bones that make up your shoulder joint. The resulting damage makes you much more likely to experience recurrent issues with instability, suffering the same injury over and over again. There are several conditions that can result in shoulder instability, including:
  • An acromioclavicular (AC) joint separation at the top of your shoulder with your collarbone
  • Shoulder dislocations that separate your arm bone from its place in your shoulder socket
  • Labral tears or degeneration involving damage to the rim of soft cartilage that lines the actual socket of your shoulder

All these conditions compromise your shoulder’s ability to hold itself together. The resulting chronic instability can be a painful problem that plagues you for life. Prompt and accurate treatment for shoulder instability by a pain management specialist in NYC can spare you from living with the recurrent agony of instability. All shoulder instability treatment includes a combination of physical therapy, lifestyle modifications and pain management. Some cases require surgical treatment.

  • Muscle and tendon injuries. These injuries and medical conditions are common results of overuse and aging. Rotator cuff tears are the term used to describe a complete or partial tear of the muscle group that holds your arm bone and shoulder together. But rotator cuff tendonitis is the result of swelling and inflammation in the tendons of your rotator cuff. Tendonitis is extremely common if you’re an athlete or perform a great deal of repetitive motion, like a factory worker or carpenter. In some cases, there’s no obvious cause. This condition can be very painful. An injection of painkilling medicine can help control the pain, but your shoulder injury treatment may require surgery.
  • Arthritis of your shoulder joint. Arthritis causes stiffness and swelling in your joints. Certain types of arthritis are the result of typical wear-and-tear of your shoulder joints over time. If left untreated, this degenerative condition can potentially wear away the cartilage and allow the bones of your joint to rub directly against each other, which increases your pain exponentially.
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome. This refers to an entire group of disorders that are caused by compression, injury and irritation of your nerves and blood vessels. It’s called thoracic outlet syndrome because your first rib is the thoracic outlet.

Don’t suffer when pain relief is so close at hand in Midtown Manhattan. Contact Pain Management NYC to find safe, effective relief from the pain of shoulder injuries.

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